Thermal bridge modelling

We provide clients with 2D and 3D thermal bridge calculations for SAP and Passivhaus to calculate ψ- and  χ-values.  We also calculate surface temperature factors (Frsi values) which are needed for Passivhaus and Part L and indicate the potential for surface condensation and mould growth. Our experts have an excellent understanding of the application of standards and guidance to thermal bridge modelling and we are able to guide clients through the process to ensure their needs are met.

Shear wall passing through under-slab insulation at the ground floor to external wall junction for a block of flats

We provide a fast and accurate service with clear and concise reports presenting our calculated values to EN ISO 10211 (2017). We are able to model complex geometries and advise on mitigation strategies.

Excerpt from a report on thermal bridging by masonry supports

Temperature contours with insulation removed to reveal effects of masonry supports on heat flux

We advise on thermal bridge mitigation for new builds and refurbishments including EnerPHit. We can also provide strategic advice on selection of early stage values and what to model and when, within the design development.